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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject [YOKO][DISCUSS] Time to create a 1.0 release?
Date Fri, 02 May 2008 13:43:57 GMT
I've recently completed an activity on seeing if we could get the IBM 
ObjectGrid product working with the Yoko ORB.  This is a BIG CORBA 
application that rooted out quite a number of fringe bugs in the Yoko 
ORB.  The testing effort involved no just interactions between a yoko 
client and server, but also in different client/server combinations with 
the IBM ORB (ObjectGrid has some problems running on the Sun ORB at the 
moment, so that interoperability was not tested).  In the process of 
debugging these problems, I also added quite a bit of additional logging 
to the core orb.  Things are looking pretty good and stable at this point. 

Currently, Geronimo is shipping using a pinned snapshot of the yoko code 
rather than an official release.  Harmony is picking up SNAPSHOT builds, 
I believe.  I think it is time to consider publishing the 1.0 release so 
there's finally an official release level to work from.  I currently 
don't have any work items I feel need to be done before a 1.0 release 
can get created.  I have a number of items I think need to get improved 
what I'd prefer doing after we cut a 1.0 release.  Does anybody else 
know of additional items that might be required for the 1.0 release?


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