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From David Jencks <>
Subject Documentation worries
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 16:48:05 GMT
I tried to find instructions on connecting to an ejb from a non-ee  
client in the 2.1 documentation and am rather discouraged at the  
state of the 2.1 documentation.

This is probably the first or second most common user list question.   
I couldn't find out how to do it from the front docs page.

I'm also rather surprised at the contents of a lot of the  
"Developer's guide" section.  Most of these articles I looked at are  
about how to use the geronimo eclipse plugin, not geronimo itself.   
Would it be possible to label the contents accurately and clearly  
separate devtools documentation from geronimo documentation?

i know quite a few people have been spending a lot of time working on  
the docs but I'm worried that either through a bad table of contents  
or lack of focus we may not be producing something that actually  
answers many of the questions our users have.

I'm certainly part of the problem, in that I often answer user list  
questions directly rather than writing up docs.

enough whining.  Anyone have an idea what to do?

david jencks

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