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From David Jencks <>
Subject Documentation woes
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2008 00:50:01 GMT
I think there is a major and unacceptable problem with the indexing  
of the current 2.1 docs.  Some time ago I implemented a little  
feature for app-specific log4j configuration and actually wrote up  
some instructions on how to use it.  Today I wanted to see what I had  
written and discovered that while it's possible to find using google  
search it isn't really possible to find from the top level  
documentation page.

It ain't here:

There are a whole lotta unwritten topics listed under Development and  
deployment planning, but not mine!

If you click the link... you do get 
development-and-deployment-planning.html which has my little  

Perhaps I'm overreacting but this seems like an enormous problem to  
me.  I'd far prefer that all the index pages be generated  
automatically from the page hierarchy even if this means the entries  
show up an a more random (alphabetical?) order as long as the indices  
are complete and up to date.  I don't really get much from little  
green check marks when content that someone has actually gone to the  
trouble to write is not reflected and easily accessible.

david jencks

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