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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Geronimo 2.1.1 RELEASE-NOTE & README questions.
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2008 15:58:55 GMT
Sorry, started typing this yesterday and got distracted...

On Apr 16, 2008, at 5:04 PM, Hernan Cunico wrote:

> Joe Bohn wrote:
>> 1) I've noticed that we actually have 2 RELEASE_NOTES-2.1.txt files  
>> in our source.  They are both identical.   One is in our root ...  
>> branches/2.1.1/RELEASE-NOTES-2.1.txt.  The other is branches/2.1.1/ 
>> assemblies/geronimo-boilerplate-minimal/src/main/underlay/ 
>> RELEASE_NOTES-2.1.txt.  Are both of these necessary?  If not, which  
>> one is really required?

The one in branches/2.1.1/ is for source distributions. The copy in  
underlay/ is for binary distributions. If you can figure out how to  
include the branches/2.1.1/ copy into our binary distributions, then  
just that one is sufficient. Otherwise, we should have both...

>> 2) How elaborate do the release notes need to be for a maintenance  
>> release like 2.1.1?  For example, our 2.1 release notes included a  
>> list of enhancements explaining each.  I was just planning to list  
>> the JIRAs that were included in the release since most items are  
>> bug fixes and remove the 2.1 enhancement content.  Is that  
>> sufficient and what we have done in the past?
> If it is only bug fixes then that should be the focus, no need to  
> include the "Geronimo 2.1 Enhancements" again I guess.
> We need to make sure we clearly mention this is a maintenance  
> release and that no new functionality has been introduced

Personally, I'd make the bug fixes cumulative -- 2.1 enhancements +  
2.1.1 bug fixes. Next service release we add 2.1.2 bug fixes.

>> 3) Why is the version number in the name?  I assume that I need to  
>> rename the current one to reflect that this is 2.1.1 ... but it  
>> might be better to just remove the version number completely when I  
>> rename it.
> For one, it help us develop/maintain the release notes in the wiki  
> (can't have 2 files with the same name). Second, I guess it's the  
> fastest way to know the installed version. Specially when you have  
> multiple installs and have been chopping the <geronimo_home>  
> directory to single characters to run "worry free" on certain  
> platform ;-)
> Cheers!
> Hernan
>> README.txt:
>> 4) As with the RELEASE_NOTES we also have 2 instances of the  
>> README.txt file in our source.  One is in our root  ... branches/ 
>> 2.1.1/README.txt.  The other is branches/2.1.1/assemblies/geronimo- 
>> boilerplate-minimal/src/main/underlay/README.txt.  There is one  
>> minor difference between the 2 files.  Are both of these necessary  
>> and if not, which one is required?

Same reason as above...


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