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From "Erik B. Craig" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Policy for granting write access to our Wiki
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2008 17:57:38 GMT
I agree that we definitely need to address IP issues around
documentation/the wiki... but isn't there any way to accomplish this without
adding barriers to users editing content?
Can we do something like wikipedia does for editing content where there is a
checkbox or a notice or something saying
"You agree to license your contributions under the Apache Software License"
(similar to how JIRA is currently)

Erik B. Craig

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 9:00 AM, Kevan Miller <>

> All,
> To properly protect the IP rights of our Wiki-based documentation, we need
> to stop allowing unrestricted write access to our Wiki. Wiki contributors
> should be required to have an ICLA on file with the ASF. I also think that
> we need to hold a PMC vote before granting this access.
> I'll also take this opportunity to remind the community that Wiki updates
> are sent to These updates need to be reviewed by
> the community, just like all code updates.
> IMO, we don't want this to be a heavy-weight process. We don't want there
> to be a significant hurdle to contributing documentation. For code updates,
> patch files attached to Jira's with the "Grant license to ASF" button
> checked takes care of these IP concerns. To my knowledge, there's no patch
> file equivalent for updates to a Wiki. We could require that documentation
> updates be contributed in the form of simple ascii text files that are
> attached to a Jira. This would address our IP concerns, but is not ideal
> IMO.
> To keep this as light-weight as possible, I propose we formalize the
> concept of "contributor". A contributor would have write access to our Wiki
> documentation as well as the ability to assign Jira's to him/herself.
> I think the process would go something like this...
> 0. Reset write access to our wiki to be only the current set of committers
> on the project.
> 1. New documentation contributions from non-committers/contributors must
> be submitted via a Jira, with the "Grant License to the ASF" box checked.
> This is just like any code/bug-fix submission.
> 2. Once a new participant has expressed interest in contributing to the
> project and/or has contributed documentation or bug fixes, a PMC vote will
> be called to grant the new participant "contributor" rights. As all PMC
> votes, this vote is a majority vote, require a minimum of 3 +1 votes, and
> will last for a minimum of 72 hours.
> 3. Once a vote has passed, the participant will be invited to join the
> project as a 'contributor'.  Assuming he/she accepts, the participant must
> then submit an ICLA to the ASF.
> Once the ICLA is on file, the new 'contributor' will give given write
> access to our wiki and the ability to assign Jira's.
> 4. The new contributor will be announced to the community.
> I've grouped Jira rights with wiki rights in the above. This is not
> strictly necessary, but grouping the two seems like a reasonable step.
> This is my first pass at a proposal. We can tweak this process in a number
> of ways and there are alternatives. I think the hard requirements are 1) the
> PMC must vote and 2) an ICLA must be filed with the ASF.
> Until we resolve this issue, we need to restrict Wiki write access to be
> the current set of Geronimo committers.
> --kevan

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