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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Legal files in server/trunk, ianal & m-r-r-p
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 19:43:25 GMT
Folks, I've updated server/trunk to build with the latest maven-remote- 
resources-plugin, using v1.4 of the jar resources plugin, which I  
understand generates the right bits.

I also moved the legal file checking bits out into a separate plugin,  
ianal-maven-plugin, hosted at the Mojo project, which now helps ensure  
our modules are spitting out artifacts with legal mumbo in them.

I've also go through and nuked almost all of the LICENSE.txt and  
NOTICE.txt files littered throughout the tree, most of them were the  
same anyways.  For those that had additions, I've added m-r-r-p  
configuration to append those critical legal details to the files  
which are included.

So now there are only the LICENSE.txt, NOTICE.txt in the top-level  
under server/trunk and the files which are included in the assemblies  
under assemblies/geronimo-boilerplate-minimal/src/main/underlay.  I  
did drop the .txt suffix on those files, which I have mixed feelings  
about... but it makes it easier to keep the ianal plugin (and  
configuration of it) simple since the m-r-r-p doesn't generate .txt  

Had to add a few wee hacks, for all RAR modules and a few WAR and EAR  
modules to get the m-r-r-p generated files included... those plugins  
aren't really m-r-r-p friendly, but I gave Maven a kick in the ass to  
make it do my bidding as usual ;-)  And its nothing major, just a bit  
of a PITA... extra pom code blah.

  * * *

So, now server/trunk is *completely* from using the old genesis tools- 
maven-plugin.  Still using maven-maven-plugin, but I hope to fix that  
soon.  And then I'll re-craft genesis 2.x to reduce alot of the common  
pom muck we have in server/trunk/pom.xml.



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