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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Policy for granting write access to our Wiki
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2008 14:50:36 GMT
It seems like we should start from scratch in our next major release then ;-)

For the next Geronimo v 2.x release we would set a new Confluence space and give write access
to geronimo-committers and geronimo-contributors.

geronimo-contributors would only group individual users who have expressed interest in contributing
to Geronimo documentation and filed a CLA. In addition, we would enable confluence-users (default
user group) to have "Comment Create" rights, however these comments would not show up in the
exported HTML version (only in Confluence). This user group would later replace geronimo-users.

New spaces where only geronimo-committers and geronimo-contributors have write access to will
have a different HTML auto export template to include standard ASF license notice one every
single page (in the HTML source). Such new spaces would have to be developed from scratch,
that is not carrying over any content previously used in other documentation releases. This
should hopefully exclude certain sections developed entirely by committers for which a CLA
is already on file.


Kevan Miller wrote:
> On Apr 18, 2008, at 5:41 PM, David Blevins wrote:
>> It's already ASF policy that an ICLA be on file for anyone to get 
>> write access to a confluence space used for official documentation or 
>> a website (plain "wiki" usage is exempt).  Updated a good 40~ cwiki 
>> spaces to use the asf-cla group instead of confluence-users, including 
>> ours, a couple weeks ago after some abuse so we're compliant with the 
>> minimum policy.
>> Some groups, like the Incubator, are talking that you need to be a 
>> committer to get write access -- not just have a CLA on file.  I'm not 
>> sure I see the need for raising the bar that high.  I like the idea of 
>> the check box as an alternate to having a CLA on file, assuming this 
>> is kosher with infra.
> All,
> I found the following source of documentation on the subject --

> Looks like we have some choices. One of the decisions will be what to do 
> about documentation that has already been contributed without a CLA.
> I'd like to hear what the community thinks we should do...
> --kevan

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