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I'm not sure if it's included with the server or not anymore, but you can checkout the source for the ApacheDS plugin here: http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/geronimo/plugins/directory/branches/1.0/

That's for the 1.0 branch. 

That plugin is for geronimo 2.1 and apache directory 1.5.1.

I'm confused what you meant by this.  He's trying to update the sample document for 2.1, so doesn't that mean this is the version he should be using?

My turn to be confused.  The plugin you pointed to is what he should be using.  I don't understand what you meant by "for the 1.0 branch".  Maybe we've had enough confusion :-)

david jencks

Releasing this plugin is waiting on:
-release process vote
-genesis vote
-legal review by Kevan.

I encourage everyone and especially pmc members to take enough of an interest in the future of geronimo to bother to vote on the first two.

david jencks

Hope this helps,

On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 2:16 PM, Dan Becker <dan.o.becker@gmail.com> wrote:
I've been validating the LDAP Sample Application article that I am
porting from the 2.0 docs to 2.1
(http://cwiki.apache.org/GMOxDOC21/ldap-sample-application.html). I am
running a Tomcat 6/Java EE5 assembly that I built from the 2.1 branch.
However I see no component org.apache.geronimo.configs/directory in the
list of Installed System Modules.

Is the LDAP server component now a separate module install? Perhaps it
is in another assembly? Perhaps I built it incorrectly? Can some one
please point me to where I may start the LDAP server in 2.1.1?
Thanks, Dan Becker

~Jason Warner

~Jason Warner