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From David Jencks <>
Subject Proposal for use of maven-remote-resources-plugin
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2008 18:09:06 GMT
There's been a bunch of discussion on legal-discuss recently about  
exactly what should be in the license and notice files and after  
looking over the remote-resource-plugin I think we could use it to  
provide correct and useful information by doing the following:

1. Produce 3 files: LICENSE, NOTICE, and DEPENDENCIES (new)
2. The standard LICENSE and NOTICE files would be ALv2 and the  
standard NOTICE (with ".vm" appended to the file name).  No  
processing except date range if appropriate.
3. Additional licenses and notices need to be ascertained by hand and  
files containing these additions put in src/main/appended-resources.   
For instance src/main/appended-resources/LICENSE and src/main/ 
4. In addition, for the convenience of our users, we provide a list  
of transitive dependencies with origin.  This would be pretty similar  
to what the standard resource bundle puts into the NOTICE file.

5. genesis would be modified to use this plugin and this bundle by  

David Blevins has a dependencies plugin at codehaus/swizzle that  
provides hierarchy information by indenting but doesn't seem to  
provide provenance.  At this point I think I'd prefer the provenance  
info to the  indentation.  If someone has an idea about how to get  
both easily I'm all ears.

I'd prefer it if there was an easy way to roll up NOTICES and  
LICENSES for projects that physically include jars from other  
projects (such as our servers and jee applications and plugins) but I  
think that leaving that capability to future developments in the m-r- 
r-p might be wise.

I'm having some trouble getting the genesis release OK without the m- 
r-r-p so I'd kinda like to get this implemented in the next day or two.


david jencks

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