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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Heads-up - GBeanInfo via annotations
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2008 07:55:25 GMT

I am working on the declaration of GBeanInfo via annotations.

This is an example GBean with all the possible annotations (note that  
some annotation properties have default values so you do not see all  
of them in the example):

@GBean(j2eeType="type", name="name")
public class MockGBean implements Runnable {

     public MockGBean(@GParamAttribute(name = "name") String name,
         @GParamReference(name = "Name") Runnable runnable) {

     public void run() {

     public String getGetterAttribute() {
         return null;

     public void setSetterAttribute(String value) {

     public void setSetterReference(Runnable value) {


Above annotations are in the package  

At the same time, I will add support for pluggable strategies to get  
the GBeanInfo of a class. We will have two strategies: use  
getGBeanInfo method, current approach; or introspect annotations, the  
one I am working on. It will be possible to add additional  
strategies, e.g. read a service descriptor file a la OpenEJB.

I will also replace the GBean instantiation code of GBeanInstance by  
an ObjectRecipe (xbean-reflect class).

Let me know if you have any concerns about the above plan.


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