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From David Jencks <>
Subject Generated NOTICE files.... a solution
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2008 23:17:30 GMT
As I noted in a previous thread the current NOTICE files generated by  
the apache-jar-resource-bundle 1.3 are not consistent with apache  
policy.  After some discussion on legal-discuss I've come up with a  
bundle that no one seems to be able to find anything seriously wrong  
with: we're starting to use it in geronimo.

Aside from possible use by other projects I'd like to use this in an  
upcoming ApacheDS release, so getting it quickly into a more neutral  
location would be desirable.  I've opened 
browse/MRRESOURCES-32 and attached a patch.

The basic idea is that the NOTICE file contains only the required  
apache notice, with no extra text, explanation, horizontal rules, or  
anything else.  Additional required notices can be put in a NOTICE  
file in appended-resources and automatically appended.  Dependencies  
are listed in an additional generated DEPENDENCIES file, by  
organization, and listing the license.

Note that NOTICE files apply only to the exact contents of the jar in  
question, not to any dependencies that might be necessary to actually  
use the jar.  For work at apache the normal situation is that the  
minimal NOTICE is all that is required, and if more is needed its  
going to be because of some special historical circumstances that  
can't plausibly be tracked by maven, so explicitly recording this  
information in a human-written additional NOTICE file is quite  

There is certainly scope for some kind of aggregating bundle for  
assemblies that do actually contain stuff from other artifacts, such  
as wars, ears, tar.gzs, etc, but these are pretty clearly an entirely  
separate use case and likely to require considerably more work to get  
right.  I think starting work on a separate bundle for these might be  

I know of two problems in the patch, both in NOTICE.vm, and I haven't  
been able to figure out solutions to either:

- I can't get a blank line in between the project name and the notice
- I can't configure projectName in a suitable place so it shows up in  
the generated NOTICE.

Despite these problems I think this proposal is clearly more in line  
with apache policy and hope it can be accepted and released quickly.

Many thanks
david jencks

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