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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Proposed release process
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 20:33:42 GMT

On Mar 3, 2008, at 8:33 AM, Joe Bohn wrote:

> David Jencks wrote:
>> We've previously discussed and I think agreed that the documented  
>> release process is seriously out of date with the current  
>> capabilities of maven.
>> I'm proposing we update the documented release process to rely  
>> primarily on the maven-release-plugin.
>> I've written this up here:
>> 28updated%29+release+process
>> The current official documentation is here:
>> +Branching+Process
>> As noted in another email I think I've solved the "wrong tags  
>> location" problem by modifying genesis and including a release  
>> profile.
>> Please take a look and propose updates.   I'll call a vote on this  
>> shortly.
> David,
> Thanks for pulling this together.
> My comments are somewhat limited since I haven't yet served as a  
> release manager and hence don't fully appreciate how difficult  
> things have been.
Neither have I... so I have a couple tablespoons of salt handy too.

I'm mostly interested in setting up an "ideal" process and adding  
comments as to what actually works now and what we need to do to get  
to the ideal process.

>   With that grain of salt ... here are my comments:
> 1) Is this really ready for prime-time given that the stage plugin  
> has not yet been released and apparently does not honor the version  
> specified? Also, does this mean that the staging repo must be empty  
> except for the items that you want to release before you perform  
> step 7.

I don't know.  I'd like to include the use of the stage plugin until  
we find out that it doesn't work, at which time we may have to come  
up with alternate instructions or fix it.  I don't know about the  
staging repo.
> 2) Do the site directions apply (ie. to all or more plugins have  
> site docs ... specs, etc..)?

In an ideal world, we might want to have maven generated docs  
especially for plugins.  For now, I dunno.
> 3) There are two steps 10).
fixed.  If anyone can figure out how to get confluence to do the  
numbering correctly that would be great.  For me each item started  
over at 1.
> 4) The step to update the geronimo-plugins.xml should probably be  
> expanded to specify how this is to be done.  Do you recommend using  
> the output from the car-maven-plugin followed by some minor edits  
> (to remove references to the local maven repo)?

We need to figure out how :-)
My guess would be that you should copy the remote, official, geronimo- 
plugins.xml to your local maven repo, run the release build, and copy  
it back.  I haven't tried this.

> 5) Should we consider updating the steps to handle releasing an  
> item for multiple Geronimo versions (and/or multiple server  
> configurations such as jetty vs. tomcat)?

Suggestions more than welcome.... so far I think you'd run through  
these steps independently for each set of stuff you can build at once.

thanks for the comments!
david jencks
> Joe

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