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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: WADI 2.0-M9 - Replace buggy 2.0-M8
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2008 09:25:03 GMT
Hi Donald,

Thanks for the upgrade to WADI 2.0-M9. I believe we can jump to  
1.5.4. I will give it a shot over the week-end and upgrade to the  
latest and greatest version of AspectJ.


On 14/03/2008, at 4:01 AM, Donald Woods wrote:

> Can we also upgrade to aspectj-1.5.3?
> -Donald
> Gianny Damour wrote:
>> Hi,
>> A problem has been identified with WADI 2.0-M8 used by Geronimo  
>> 2.1 causing the failure of clustered applications when a specific  
>> node (the node hosting the singleton partition rebalancing  
>> service)  is killed (a normal shutdown is fine). WADI 2.0-M9  
>> addresses this problem. This release is backward compatible with  
>> 2.0-M8 and hence it simply needs to be installed into the geronimo  
>> repository to upgrade from 2.0-M8 to 2.0-M9.
>> There are convenience download links for the 2.0-M9 artifacts on  
>> WADI's home page:
>> On a related notes, I will cut a 2.0 release for the next version  
>> of Geronimo which adds the following features:
>> * State, i.e. HTTP sessions and SFSB instances, are paged on disc  
>> in var/temp/SessionStore after a configurable period of time in  
>> memory; and
>> * Monitoring of global or Service Space Envelopes received and  
>> sent per peer: 
>> +Global+or+Service+Space+Envelopes. When I checked in some basic  
>> support for SFSB clustering, I added the ability to register  
>> arbitrary distributed services. I believe this can be quite handy  
>> to implement the optional distributed job execution features of  
>> the JEE concurrency API under development within the sandbox. I  
>> wrote a WIKI page describing what I mean by distributed services:  
>> If people are interested by working on a Geronimo caching  
>> implementation on top of the WADI's infra, then please ping me as  
>> this is the next big feature I will be working on.
>> Thanks,
>> Gianny

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