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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: genesis and other subprojects
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 06:05:58 GMT
On Mar 6, 2008, at 4:08 AM, Joe Bohn wrote:
> We are currently voting on a new release of genesis (1.4).  While I  
> know  that we have build dependencies upon genesis and use it to  
> define some of the core framework and root poms leveraged by the  
> Geornimo build  ... I have to admit that I'm fairly ignorant on what  
> else is included in the project.

Genesis is really a utility project to support all other Geronimo  
builds.  Its not really an official externally consumable sub-project  
like gshell, xbean, eclipse-plugin or yoko.

> It looks like there is something called geronimo-skin there and a  
> legal-bundle that I'm not at all familiar with.  I was looking for  
> more information so that I could make a better informed vote but I  
> couldn't find much via google.

config/checkstyle-config is a shared configuration file for checkstyle  
usage, not currently used, but if we want to enable checkstyle in  
builds then we put the common configuration here to share with builds.

config/geronimo-skin provides mvn site:* goals with the Geronimo  
style, again shared by all builds.

config/loggiong-config was intended to provide all mvn test:* goals  
with a common logging configuration, but as we change mvn versions  
this tends to break and right now its not very useful at all.

config/projec-config is like what other projects refer to as a parent  
pom.  This pom is intended to be the parent of all Geronimo project  
top-level poms.

legal-bundle is a custom bundle for use with the maven-remote- 
resources-plugin which generates legal files (LICENSE and NOTICE)  
files in a manner which is cleaner and Kevan approved.

The bits from plugins/* are being phased out.

> Which brings me to a question ... Why isn't genesis listed under  
> subprojects from our web site with some basic information about the  
> project?  What makes something an official "sub-project"?

Because Genesis is *not* externally consumable, or rather not intended  
to be consumed by projects other than Geronimo... so we don't really  
want to advertise it.

Make sense?  If not I can explain further.



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