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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject 2.1.1 release status
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2008 14:30:41 GMT
It was originally my intention to branch tomorrow in prep for a 2.1.1 
release - creating branches/2.1.1 and changing the version on 
branches/2.1 to 2.1.2-SNAPSHOT.

However, there are a number of items still yet to be resolved so e not 
yet ready to branch:
- Moving to OpenEJB 3.0 - The previous vote on 3.0 was canceled - 
awaiting a new release candidate.
- Eliminating geronimo-javamail SNAPSHOT dependency by either releasing 
a geronimo-javamail 1.4 or reverting to 1.3.  I'll see if I can help out 
with releasing geronimo-javamail 1.4.
- Possible release of activemq 4.1.2.
- Several JIRAs that were identified for this release including:
   GERONIMO-3354 (related to the openejb & activemq upgrades)
   GERONIMO-3837 (need to clarify if there is anything remaining here)
   GERONIMO-3850 & 3851 - Plan creator fixes

Detailed status is here:

My guess is that it will be at least another week before we are ready to 
branch.  Thanks for being patient.  Please continue to be exercise 
extreme care when working on the branches/2.1 (as all of you have been 


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