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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Geronimo 2.1.1 release
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2008 21:08:58 GMT
Ok, so here is the list of things that I think were mentioned for 
inclusion in a 2.1.1 release (those that were not already complete when 
this discussion began).

Am I missing anything from the required list or are there items that 
should move up from the Optional list (or down from required)?

My take is that once we have everything under "Required" completed we 
can start the release process.  Anything from the Optional list that can 
make it in is gravy.  We need to decide when to start to lock things 
down, but in general I think we all know that we are getting close so 
please be careful what goes into the 2.1 branch now.

- GERONIMO-3781 PluginInstaller CRSF when installing a new plugin. - 
There are patches integrated for this.  Is there more to be done?  Joe Leong
- GERONIMO-3871 archetypes for plugin and assembly. - David has already 
completed this.
- GERONIMO-3898 log4j app config gbean. - David has already completed this.
- GERONIMO-3902 start-server overrides. - Jason are you posting a patch 
for this?
- GERONIMO-3833 monitoring hard coded gbean names. - Viet has integrated 
a fix - outstanding question by Jarek
- GERONIMO-3837 configure allowLinking attribute - Vamsi has integrated 
this ... not sure if there is more work remaining.
- GERONIMO-3858 start-server.bat fails if space in dir - no owner
- GERONIMO-3875 Derby authentication breaks DB viewer portlet. - Vamsi 
assigned, still open
- GERONIMO-3876 allow configuring JMX over SSL. - Vamsi assigned.  I'm 
not convinced this is a "must-have".
- GERONIMO-3887 bad config install for plugin causes new installs to 
fail. Joe Leong - are you planning to provide a patch?  I'm not 
convinced this is a "must-have"
- GERONIMO-3896 error processing HEAD method by default HttpServlet. 
David has fixed this in the servlet spec and it's up for a vote.  We 
need to update 2.1.1 to use this spec when final.
- GERONIMO-3906 start-server uses hard-coded credentials.  This seems 
important.  Is anybody working on this (nobody is assigned).
- GERONIMO-3918 upgrade to WADI 2.0-M9.  Donald has already completed this.

- leverage genesis 1.4
- OpenEJB 3.0 - currently up for a vote - looks promising.  I will give 
it a try with 2.1.1-SNAPSHOT.  I think this should possibly move up to 
required (assuming no big issues are found).
- GERONIMO-3432 console wizard to generate openejb-jar.xml
- GERONIMO-3503 db pool wizard creates plans only for local-transactions
- GERONIMO-3719 monitoring agent uses sun classes
- GERONIMO-3759 tomcat clustering, no gbeans for adding static members
- GERONIMO-3783 mdb delivery problem - this seems kinda important - 
should we move it up?
- GERONIMO-3806 extraneous warning messages for ejb resource-env-def deploy
- GERONIMO-3811 ejb server portlet
- GERONIMO-3814 NPE in GBeanOverride
- GERONIMO-3819 updates to JMS resource portlet
- GERONIMO-3823 document the SystemPropertyGBean
- GERONIMO-3879 webaccess log viewer with multiple server instances has 
- GERONIMO-3900 runtime support for non-Sun JVMs.
- GERONIMO-3901 security realms portlet missing encoding option


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