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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Geronimo 2.1 samples - zip files
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2008 20:24:59 GMT

Joe Bohn wrote:
> Donald Woods wrote:
>> User wouldn't have to build anything if each sample was a plug-in....
> That would be true if the value in a sample just in running it. However, 
> I think most users want to dig into the source, make minor changes and 
> tweak it as a way to jump start their own development. Sometime they are 
> more interested in looking at the geronimo deployment plans and 
> experimenting with different deploy options.  For those types of 
> activities, they would need more than just a plugin ... they would need 
> the source, build poms, ears/wars, deployment plans, etc....

You could always include the source in the generated war/ear artifact.

>> Other thought, why not create a samples assembly which would create a 
>> zip/tar of the binaries that could be downloaded and extracted by a 
>> user to their location of choice.  A similar source and repo zipfile 
>> could be created for distributions, like we do for the server....
> IIUC you are suggesting that instead of changing the build to generate a 
> zip per sample we generate 1 zip for all of the samples.  We wouldn't 
> need an assembly to do that, we could just do it manually like we do for 
> the server today when we release it.  That might be ok, but at the 
> moment our wiki doc explains each sample individually and I can image 
> cases where the user doesn't necessarily want or need all of the sample 
> content.  I think we are both on the same line regarding generating the 
> zip.  If it is just 1 zip file then it can be manually created when we 
> release.  But if we want to keep one per sample it makes more sense to 
> have them generated in the build.  Just my opinion.

yep, trying to minimize difference from the sever releases....

>> -Donald
>> Joe Bohn wrote:
>>> Many of the sample wiki entries include *.zip files in addition to 
>>> references to the svn repo.  These *.zip files include some snapshot 
>>> of the source as well as the javadocs, xrefs, ears/wars, and in some 
>>> cases even wiki html (I think including the wiki content in a zip is 
>>> a bad idea ... it will never be up to date).
>>> Several have spoken in favor of eliminating the zips and I was 
>>> initially inclined to remove them myself in favor of just referencing 
>>> svn.
>>> However, that means that a user must build the samples (via maven) to 
>>> get all the stuff included in the zip.  So the user must have svn & 
>>> maven if they want to play with the samples on Geronimo or locally 
>>> work with the source.
>>> One possible compromise would be enhance the build to produce the zip 
>>> files.  These zip files would be released when the samples themselves 
>>> are released (and stored in an m2 repo).  We could then reference the 
>>> released zip file artifacts from the wiki entries rather than 
>>> attaching them directly to the wiki.  The benefit would be an 
>>> svn/maven free way to get the source and artifacts to utilize the 
>>> samples on Geronimo. Thoughts?

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