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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Geronimo 2.1 samples - branches
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2008 18:29:49 GMT
Joe Bohn wrote:
> We have the following branches in samples:
> - geronimo/samples/branches/1.0
>    Newly added for the migration samples.  We'll see what happens with 
> this branch. We don't have the other 1.0 samples (were there any?) 
> checked in.
> - geronimo/samples/branches/2.0
>    This includes the samples for the 2.0.* server stream.  It includes 
> jsp-examples and servlet-examples but those are not the ones that we 
> released with the 2.0.x releases which are included with the server at 

>  We need to keep the branch but I'm wondering if we should remove the 
> jsp & servlet examples from it since the "real" copies are in the tagged 
> server svn repos.
It looks like the ldap-sample-app was also released with the 2.0.x servers.
> - geronimo/samples/branches/2.0-M2
>    I'm not sure why this branch is around. I think it was an initial 
> experiment for the archetype as it contains just that and the 
> calculator-stateless-pojo example.  I think this branch should be deleted.
> - geronimo/samples/branches/2.1
>    This was created when the 2.1 server was released.   We need this for 
> the 2.1 stream and I think we need to release this soon.  This brings up 
> another question ... Do we release the 2.1 samples (like we did for 
> server) and keep a branch for 2.1.x-SNAPSHOT or do we just release the 
> samples and assert that if something breaks the samples it should not be 
> included in a subsequent 2.1.x server release?
> - geronimo/samples/trunk
>    Current trunk for 2.2 (just like the server trunk).  Definitely need 
> to keep this and ensure that appropriate changes are reflected from 2.1.

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