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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: genesis and other subprojects
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 18:38:03 GMT
Kevan Miller wrote:
> On Mar 6, 2008, at 1:05 AM, Jason Dillon wrote:
>>> Which brings me to a question ... Why isn't genesis listed under 
>>> subprojects from our web site with some basic information about the 
>>> project?  What makes something an official "sub-project"?
>> Because Genesis is *not* externally consumable, or rather not intended 
>> to be consumed by projects other than Geronimo... so we don't really 
>> want to advertise it.
>> Make sense?  If not I can explain further.
> I think Joe is hinting that we may want to be a bit more formal (more 
> complete) about our handling of subprojects. At present, it's completely 
> haphazard. I think there are subprojects which we should document to 
> some level (e.g. Yoko and specs). We could decide to "document" them 
> all. Some of this documentation may say "intended for internal use only".
> Thoughts?

Right ... that's exactly it.  I'd be in favor of documenting all of them.

I was also wondering if it makes sense to have all of these as 
subprojects which must be maintained, voted on, and released 
independently.  Modularity is great but it comes with a price.  If we 
can combine or eliminate some of them it might make our lives easier.


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