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From Jonas Andersen>
Subject Re: Hibernate transaction manager lookup
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2008 20:12:50 GMT
Quoting David Jencks <>:

> On Mar 25, 2008, at 3:39 PM, Jonas Andersen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Having played around with Geronimo 2.0.2, Spring and Hibernate a  
>> bit for the last couple of days, I have attached a transaction  
>> manager lookup for Geronimo to the Hibernate JIRA HHH-1368 ( http:// 
>> ).
>> Considering how simple this class is, for how long that JIRA has  
>> been open, and how little information I have been able to find on  
>> using Hibernate with Geronimo, I'm curious as to whether I'm  
>> missing something critical?
>> Anyone have any comments on using Hibernate with the "java:comp/ 
>> UserTransaction" and "java:/TransactionManager"? I should warn,  
>> that I have only been doing a bit of testing, doing simple select  
>> and insert (through a Hibernate Session of course) in an EBJ3 SLSB  
>> with CMT.
> I've been wondering for a while why this should be necessary.... are
> you using Hibernate as a jpa provider or using the non-standard
> interfaces?  I would expect no such adapter should be necessary using
> Hibernate as a jpa provider.  If you are using the non-standard
> interfaces I'm curious what they provide that isn't available through
> jpa.

I'm using Hibernate Core (non-standard). Looking into using OpenJPA or 
an alternative such as Hibernate EntityManager, is on my to-do list. I 
just wanted to get the familiar Spring+Hibernate (Core) running first.
As such, I can't say to what extend (if any) I need to use Hibernate 
Core instead of JPA.

Is there any reason why Hibernate Core shouldn't be supported on 
Geronimo (implied it uses Geronimo managed DataSource and JTA/CMT 
transactions)? Seems to me that the Spring+Hibernate combination is 
pretty common.

Best regards,

Jonas Andersen

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