I have prepared following list of tutorials (developer guide) items. Initial task will  be two work on two items from each bullet. This will enable to cover most of the topics initially and later the concentration will be on increasing the count of articles in each category.

Each article will start with basics of each API used and later step by step explanation of the application development. This will enable the developers to find all the information and references at one place. This will in turn help to improve the Usability and Consumabiltiy of Geronimo.

The timeframe for the complete list will be around 6 months considering the fact that it involves quite a good amount of learning. Although the initial task will be to complete 2 articles in each category.

The environment will be AG 2.1, GEP 2.1, WTP 2.0.1, Eclipse 3.3 SDK and Windows XP.

The list is as follows:

Java Server Faces
        Developing a web application with JSF.
        AJAX with JSF.
        Using JSP Immediate Expressions to access JSF.
        UI development with JSF.
    JSF application that created, deletes, update and delete operations against database t        tables.

Web Application
       Web application for JMS access.
       Web Application for EJB access.
       Web Application for JDBC access.

Application Client
    Application client  accessing EJB.

Web Services
    Building JAX-WS pojo web service
    Building JAX-WS EJB stateless session bean web services.
    RESTFUL Web Services
    SAAJ Web Services
    MTOM Web Services
    WS Addressing.

    JAX-WS web service and client using annotations.

Java Persistence API
    Using Java Persistence API in application client.
    Working with JSF and JPA.

    Stateless Session Bean
    Stateful Session Bean
    Message Driven Bean.
    Container Managed Persistence with JPA
    Bean Managed Persistence with JPA

Regarding Portlets, Geronimo extensions there is still more info that needs to be collected.

Please provide you comments and suggestions.


On Feb 7, 2008 12:44 AM, Hernan Cunico <hcunico@gmail.com> wrote:
Donald Woods wrote:
> The TOC seems to be too Feature centric.
> As new users pickup Geronimo, we really need to focus on making their
> startup/learning curve as short and simple as possible.
> How about grouping the content based on its intended audience with
> cross-links between sections as needed -
> * Getting Started
> ** What's New/Changes from 2.0
> ** Obtaining, Community Support, Opening JIRAs
> ** Using GShell
> * Developers
> ** Deployment plan creator
> ** Schema Docs (XSD to JavaDoc/HTML)
> ** Migrating apps from prior releases
> ** Pluggable Console
> ** Plugin Infrastructure
> ** Eclipse Plugin
> ** Sample Apps
> * Administrators
> ** Configuration
> ** Administration Console
> ** Security and LoginModule usage
> ** Resource Adapters (DB, JMS, ...)
> ** Server Instances/Custom Assemblies
> ** Clustering
> ** Monitoring
> ** Advanced GShell topics

Yup, checking the latest updates it seems like we are heading in that direction.

> The ReleaseNotes are included in the assemblies, so no need to duplicate

We generate the release notes from the wiki so we can keep them here or move the file to maybe GMOxPMGT space.

> it in the docs.  Anything on building from source or debuging a server
> in Eclipse should be kept in the GMOxDev wiki.

GMOxDev has lot of info and not all up to date. It wouldn't hurt to have the 2.1 specific build info under GMOxDOC21. I mean, the more the merrier

> Also, now that we have a start of a internationalized Admin Console, I'd
> keep the number of screen shots to a minimum, as to reduce the effort
> required for others wanting to translate the docs into other languages.

Agreed, screen captures will become an issue, even for updating future releases. It's just that some times a screen shot saves you a lot of typing.

Good comments, keep it coming !


> -Donald
> Hernan Cunico wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> some time ago I started to put together some topics for Geronimo v2.1
>> documentation.
>> I tried to focus on the biggest new things we are offering now, topics
>> we didn't have before and now we need to start from scratch.
>> The Geronimo v2.1 documentation space is already available here
>> http://cwiki.apache.org/GMOxDOC21/documentation.html
>> The initial TOC includes:
>> * Configuration changes
>> * Deployment
>>  ** Deployment plan creator
>> * Geronimo Administration Console enhancements
>> * GShell
>> * Monitoring
>> * Pluggable console
>> * Plugin infrastructure enhancements
>> * Sample applications
>> * Security
>> * Tooling
>> * What's new?
>> Each of these pages already contain a few lines with some initial
>> thoughts. Need your input for adding topics to this list as well as
>> developing them.
>> There might be things we already had in 2.0x but we didn't cover it in
>> the doc, pls need your comments on that as well.
>> I think I'm finish covering *Deployment plan creator*, will do a
>> refresh later on as new code gets in.
>> I also created this "place holder"
>> http://cwiki.apache.org/GMOxPMGT/geronimo-v21-list-of-functions-status.html
>> under *Apache Geronimo Project Management* on the wiki so we can keep
>> track there the features we have ready for prime time and those that
>> are not so ready ;-)  I could definitively use that info to build up a
>> new set of docs, would also help users to see where we are at.
>> Cheers!
>> Hernan