Since Guillaume is away (hopefully on a well-earned holiday), I'm calling this vote, in his stead.

This vote passes with 8 +1 votes and no others. Note that I'm counting Guillaume as a '+1', although he didn't explicitly state this.

I'll start distributing the binaries.


On Feb 1, 2008, at 6:04 AM, Guillaume Nodet wrote:

Third try ...

Tags are here:

Staging repo is

I'm calling a single vote, as it is imho easier, but if there is any
concern, I can create other vote threads if needed.

[ ] +1 release these specs
[ ] -1 another problem ?

FYI, I won't be able for the next two weeks, so I won't be able to
close the votes and move the specs
to their final location. Hopefully someone can do it (provided that
this vote is ok).

Guillaume Nodet