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From "Joseph Leong" <>
Subject Re: Round trip debugging of Geronimo in Eclipse
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 21:37:35 GMT
Hi Dan,

Going off what Jacek said.  I recommend trying that method, it'll save you
LOTS of time and frustration with rebuilding just that module piece and
copying that piece back into your Geronimo distro.

I know that when someone first said this to me, it was a bit confusing
without the details.  So i will try and clarify it for whoever is

So this scenario, as Jacek said, would apply for most cases.. the certain
cases that it doesn't work for i believe is if it is working with other
dependencies - which would require going up the chain and re-building those
pieces as well (Someone confirm?).  Nonetheless, just try your module and
typically it should work.  I'll try and provide you with an example of how i
am approaching this with the admin console plugin installer

First to give you the bigger picture, we're merely updating the particular
piece of Geronimo you've already extracted and built so that it can reflect
those changes the next time you run it.

1) navigate to the directory where your module is located and rebuild it
with mvn.. i typically do mvn clean install -Dtest=False -P no-it

2) Going under the assumption you already extract and built Geronimo...
there is going to be a jar file of the module in the //server
root/repository/subfolders... you want to replace that jar file with the jar
file you just generated with your build in step 1.

3) Once replaced, start your server up and the changes should be applied.

Note**: To find the jar file in step one you want to navigate to that
modules source directories and traverse around until you find that
WEB-INF/lib/ and the jar should be in there.

Wishing you the best,
Joseph Leong

On Feb 11, 2008 3:35 PM, Dan Becker <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have set up a Geronimo 2.1 server in Eclipse using the instructions
> given
> at
> .
> I have imported a server trunk tree as projects into my Eclipse
> environment,
> set up a Geronimo server runtime, and point a Plug-in Target Platform back
> to my plugin directory. At this point all seems to be working. I can use
> Eclipse to start and stop the server, and catch a break point in
> geronimo-system.
> However, when I try to modify the server code, I have difficulty taking
> the
> updated class back to the runtime to further debug it. I see modifying a
> Java file in Eclipse produces an updated class file in the server trunk
> framework module geronimo-system directory, but I still am unclear what
> steps or what  poms to build to bring this class back to the server
> runtime.
> I would appreciate any doc pointers or explanations to help clear my
> newbie
> confusion.
> Thanks, Dan
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