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From David Jencks <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Release process docs need updating
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2008 18:35:25 GMT
Our official release process docs 

were mostly written before the maven-release-plugin worked at all and  
before we had much of the current variety of projects.  Despite the  
maven-release-plugins warts it's still far better than doing  
everything by hand.

I would like our docs to be a slight modification of

so as to be specifically relevant to geronimo projects.

The specific explicit policy change I'd like to see:

-- NO BRANCHES unless absolutely necessary.  At this point we  
probably still need branches for the main server, but I don't think  
we do for anything else, including xbean, specs, components, plugins,  
gshell, genesis etc etc.  I think the current documented process of  
automatically creating a branch before releasing only serves to  
create confusion for most of these projects.


Is there anything we can't release with the release plugin?  ( I  
expect it would be the main server, but has anyone tried?)

I'm willing to copy the maven page to our wiki and attempt to update  
it for geronimo and use it to release the roller plugin, but it might  
be even better if someone who has actually used the release plugin  
did the doc update.  Any volunteers?

I'd like to get this resolved soon so we can use this for the roller  
plugin release.

david jencks

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