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From David Jencks <>
Subject Changes that could use a bit of review
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2008 09:30:06 GMT
I've fixed a couple problems (GERONIMO-3840/41) and wouldn't mind  
some other eyes looking at the solutions I've come up with.

3840: Server was trying to load modules in an essentially random  
order, then start them.  Some property editors (e.g. for  
defaultEnvironment) are only loaded when a module starts.  Therefore  
geronimo-gbean-deployer should actually be started, not just loaded,  
before any other deployer is loaded.  I've fixed this by adding a  
sort method to the ConfigurationManager.

I don't much like adding methods to config. manager but I think some  
interface change is needed and this seems pretty simple.  We could  
try to order the modules in config.xml but I don't want the behavior  
of the server to depend on people getting the order right.

Note that we can't start all the ancestors of the modules listed  
since some might be "load only" for their classloaders.

3841:  we need a way to install a bunch of config.xml customization  
to a lot of modules at once.  Sometimes turning the knobs in config- is enough but sometimes you need more  
changes into already installed modules.  I put a "merge" method into  
PluginInstaller and call it from the car-maven-plugin.  There will be  
a not-too-visible example in a couple days in the tck servers.

david jencks

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