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From "Shiva Kumar H R" <>
Subject Re: Geronimo in year 2008
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2008 08:30:40 GMT
I can immediately remember 3 prior discussions in reference to this:
    i) "[DISCUSS/FEEDBACK] Usability improvements to Geronimo" mail from
Prasad in Nov'07
    ii) "[Discuss] What next?" mail from DJencks in Aug'07
    iii) "[DISCUSS] Geronimo 2.1 - what's next?" mail from Matt in Jul'07

Alright, here is my wish list - features that I would love to see getting
into Geronimo in 2008:
1) Deployment Environment:
    a) Plan Creator wizards (in Admin Console & in Geronimo Eclipse Plugin)
for geronimo-application.xml and *many* other Geronimo deployment plans.
    b) Geronimo specific annotations: To further simplify the specification
of Geronimo deployment information, right at development time.

2) Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in (GEP):
    a) Model framework for Geronimo deployment plans:
Currently it is EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework). With every update to
Geronimo deployment schema, it's a major pain to generate new EMF classes.
If however, GEP uses the same model framework as that of Geronimo server
(XMLBeans), then at least this problem would be solved. IIUC JSR-88
DConfigBeans would be the ideal model framework for GEP - in that case even
if the model framework of server changes in future, GEP would be unaffected.
    b) Critical bug fixes
    c) Make "Download and Install" option more intuitive
    d) Customize Web Services Wizard:
The default implementation of WTP's web services wizard embeds an Axis
engine inside a web-app and then deploys it in a web server such as Tomcat.
However this isn't the right approach for Geronimo as it already has a
global web services engine deployed. Hence web services wizard's behavior
must be customized when deploying onto Geronimo.
    e) Better Remote server support
    f) Testsuite Automation
    g) Integrating JavaEE Samples.

3) Admin Console Tools:
    a) Server Build Tool: For instance, a "button" to push that spits out a
server with just what is needed for a set of apps and nothing else.
    b) Cluster Admin Tools: Geronimo has a lot of partial clustering
solutions. For instance there's WADI, native tomcat clustering, a terracotta
integration, and many others. A cluster admin tool would be of great help in
the setting-up and fine-tuning of those clustering solutions.

I am stuck in 1) a) Plan Creator work for the past year or so and it is
still not complete! So if I alone work on many of those features, God alone
knows when I will complete them. Any takers/collaborators?

On Feb 7, 2008 8:28 PM, Vamsavardhana Reddy <> wrote:

> Hello,
> Geronimo had a great year 2007.  I don't need to re-list all our
> achievements listed in Matt's mail from 31st Dec 2007 (
>  Now
> that 2.1 is also rolling out, I think it is time we start discussing what
> we want to do in Geronimo in year 2008.  Let us also discuss what we "must"
> do to make Geronimo an application server of choice.  I would like all of us
> to use this mail thread to put forth our thoughts (and any action items some
> of us may have already come up with silently) so that the community can see
> what great heights Geronimo will scale in 2008.
> Thank you.
> ++Vamsi


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