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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Inclusion of MySQL in roller-mysql-database plugin
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 07:37:37 GMT
I applied this patch with some text changes and think the result is  
OK as far as legal issues.

I tried to make the msyql-connector-java jar an optional dependency  
but maven insists on downloading it anyway.  If we can prevent this  
I'd prefer it.  The only reason for the dependency is so it gets  
copied into the plugin dependency list.

The README now says:

Roller with MySql Licensing:

MySQL is Licensed under the GPL license: 
and also under a FLOSS exception: 

Neither of these license terms are compatible with the goals of the ASF.

The mysql-connector-java jar should not be needed to build the roller- 
mysql-database plugin (it is marked as an optional dependency) but
for unknown reasons it is currently downloaded during the build.  The  
only purpose of including the dependency in the pom is to get it
into the geronimo plugin dependency list.

The mysql-connector-java jar is listed as a prerequisite of the  
roller-mysql-database plugin.  This has the effect of requiring the user
to install the mysql jar themselves into their geronimo server before  
installing the roller-mysql-database plugin.  The licensing issues
are explained in text in the prerequisite specification.

Roller with MySql Setup:
At any time you can start using mysql as database back-end by  
installing the roller-mysql plugin module.
Before installing the roller-mysql plugin create a empty mysql  
database called 'roller' with the user 'roller' and password 'roller'.
After installing the roller-mysql plugin you may need to restart  
roller for the database change to take effect this can be done from
Geronimos console via "Application" -->> "Web App WARs".

The description of the prerequisite, which appears in the console  
when you try to install the plugin, reads:

                          This module requires the mysql connector to  
be present in the Geronimo repository.
                                     MySQL is Licensed under the GPL  
                                     MySQL is also available under a  
FLOSS exception: 
                                     The FLOSS exception only be  
applied to MySQL when it is used under an OSI-approved license.

                                     Neither of these licenses are  
compatible with the goals of the Apache Software Foundation.
                                     Thus, we cannot let the MySQL  
roller plugin automaticaly download the connector for you.
                                     How ever if either of the above  
license terms are acceptable to you, you may download the
                                     connector into the Geronimo  
repository yourself and re-select/install this module to
                                     enable roller with a mysql  

I checked that the console plugin installer worked properly and it  
clearly prevents you from installing the plugin with mysql-connector- 
jar missing and you can see the prerequisite description.  You also  
can't install it using the gshell list-plugins command but it is a  
lot harder to tell that it didn't install and the description is not  

david jencks

On Feb 10, 2008, at 10:08 AM, Peter Petersson wrote:

> Kevan Miller wrote:
>> All,
>> I created a Jira to handle licensing issues involving the  
>> inclusion of MySQL in the roller-mysql-database plugin. See  
> A patch that may resolve this issue have been posted to https:// 
> regards
>  Peter P
>> I've insured that we will no longer build the roller-mysql- 
>> database plugin in our source code. However, there are multiple  
>> ways of handling this problem. Would like to hear opinions from  
>> the project. Ultimately, it's the PMC's responsibility to oversee  
>> the licensing of our distributions and to oversee the way we  
>> handle dependencies on artifacts that are covered by excluded  
>> licenses.
>> The ASF Licensing Policy (currently it's a draft policy, but I  
>> think we should be following the guidelines documented there) are  
>> located here --
>> Discussion of how to handle Prohibited Works is here -- http:// 
>> Would be good for the project (in particular PMC) members to be  
>> familiar with these issues. Would like to hear how we think we  
>> should address this issue. As long as I feel the PMC is providing  
>> appropriate oversight, I'm happy with what ever decision we reach.
>> --kevan

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