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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Diagnostic Utility For AG
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 20:22:59 GMT
Would also like to see some options given to the user, for the level of 
details being sent and the ability to review the information before 
sending it.

For example, separate options for -
   - including the console/geronimo.log
   - including the config.xml
   - including the list-modules output
   - including a file listing of everything under GHOME
   - including a listing of any GSHell extensions
   - basic system/environment data (system OS, JVM vendor/version, 
installed memory/swap, JVM heap, ...)
   - if the server was running under Eclipse
   - ....

You'd need a Terms of Use policy describing how the collected data will 
be used and stored.

Also, a option to only make the details available to committers (and not 
  on a public website) would help ease some people's fear.  If someone 
selected that option, we could still include the basic stack trace (for 
Geronimo or other open source provided code) and the resolution info on 
the public web, as long as no user unique data was included.


Jason Warner wrote:
> I think with something like this, at the very least you'd want the 
> standard debug output (stack trace and whatnot).  Maybe you could also 
> provide non-personal environment information, though I'm not sure how 
> people would feel about that.  If possible, a revision number would be 
> nice, as well as a timestamp if that hasn't been provided in any of the 
> previous information.  I like the idea, but I think it's usefulness will 
> be dependent on how well it is implemented.  Good luck!
> On Feb 18, 2008 1:14 PM, Joseph Leong < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     I wanted to toss an idea out to the community and get some
>     feedback.  A few other members of the community and myself are
>     interested in creating a diagnostic utility for AG.  This diagnostic
>     utility would perform something similar to what one would see when
>     an application crashes and a prompter allows the end user to send a
>     report to the developers.  However this idea has an open source
>     twist to it - rather than the developers exclusively being able to
>     view the issue or contribute a solution, any user can.  When an
>     error or issue occurs in AG it'll generate a sort of unique message
>     key that will be used to automatically generate a wiki type page
>     somewhere.  This wiki page will include vital information that will
>     help in debugging the issue.  There any user/developer can post
>     solutions or thoughts.  In addition, we'd try to aim to create some
>     sort of standardized way to generate these message keys so if
>     another user encounters the same error it will redirect or build
>     upon the existing wiki another user has already opened. 
>     Ultimately... the hopes are that this tool can serve as a convenient
>     way for users to get help on their issues and expedite that process
>     by automating a process and presenting it in an organized fashion.
>     I know theres plenty room for ideas and improvements to this.. so
>     please feel to comment anything!
>     To start.. does anyone have a list of what they'd like to see in the
>     error reporting diagnostics?
>     Wishing you all the best,
>     Joseph Leong
> -- 
> ~Jason Warner

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