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From "B.J. Reed" <>
Subject exception handling / first failure diagnostic capture
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 16:42:43 GMT
 >From the meeting yesterday, I would be interested in working on the 
exception handling / first failure diagnostics, but I need some help to 
get started.

I guess I envision the following:
1) grouping of all message strings into a common place (or perhaps a 
specific place within each plugin/module), probably using resource 
bundles or something similar to make it easier to change languages and 
giving each message its own unique id.  Which brings up another thought, 
are there plans to translate the Admin Console which is out of scope 
here, but might have an influence on how this is done?  Or at the very 
least for now, should the Admin Console be updated to have a message 
language selection?

2) What kind of diagnostic information are we looking for?

3) create a new class GeronimoException at the point of failure and 
throw these around (if we need to rethrow).  This class would have the 
extra diagnostic info in it and would get the proper message string.

4) Since this will be common class(es), where is the best place for this 
to live?

5) Open for any other suggestions/comments/better way of doing this that 
people may have for a good way to set a common way of doing this for 
Geronimo.  I'm sure that other people have thought about this much 
longer than I have.


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