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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Geronimo Documentation - 5-minute Tutorial on Enterprise Application Development with Eclipse and Geronimo]
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2008 18:39:12 GMT
Ok, so I'll start updating the tutorial then. 

I'll put it in a new home under Tutorials -> EJB applications.


Hernan Cunico wrote:
> ahhh, that's the spirit !!!
> I forgot we already had it listed this under "Building Geronimo", just 
> changed the name to match it with the release notes. Here is the link
> this puppy is all yours ;-)
> Cheers!
> Hernan
> Jacek Laskowski wrote:
>> On Feb 11, 2008 1:18 PM, Hernan Cunico <> wrote:
>>> I overlooked this one, I'll add an entry on the "Developer's guide" 
>>> section. Are you volunteering for this one too ;-)
>> Yes, I am! I'm bored with showing Geronimo's Java EE 5-only features
>> that other app servs do provide as well. Whenever I go to a
>> conference/session and need to differentiate Geronimo from other app
>> servs I can't really show it clearly. Only Java EE 5 stuff that
>> although gets traction it's not how Geronimo presentation should be
>> done. If I sign up for Geronimo presentation I'd expect Geronimo's
>> coverage by IDEs or...Custom server assemblies.
>> Add the section and I'll see what I can do for it in the coming days.
>> I'll have to hung out on irc session with y'all to learn it but since
>> we're in the same tz now it became way easier.
>> Jacek

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