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From Donald Woods <>
Subject [Fwd: Re: [DISCUSS] Create a "Powered by Geronimo" page under Community]
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 22:45:25 GMT
In-line below.

Joe Bohn wrote:
> Donald Woods wrote:
>> Along the same lines as the other discussion topic on adding a "Ready 
>> for Geronimo" page under the Community section of our website...
>> How about we create a "Powered by Geronimo" page that would help 
>> recognize the projects that provide a Geronimo based bundle (like 
>> Liferay) and companies that provide applications or servers based on 
>> Geronimo (like Intalio and IBM.)
>> A sample can be found on our wiki at -
>> Thoughts?
>> -Donald
> It seems that there is some overlap between the "Ready for Geronimo" 
> idea and the "Powered by Geronimo" idea.  Is the distinction that you 
> are trying to make between projects that embed Geronimo vs. those that 
> provide functions (such as plugins) that are installed on top of 
> Geronimo?   Could an entity provide both and get listed in each location 
>  for the same general project?

Yes, that was the initial thought...  Sort of along the "Eclipse Ready"
and "Built on Eclipse" programs -

> For example, an entity that provides a payroll solution could create a 
> plugin to install that solution on an existing Geronimo server instance. 
>  They might also create a simple assembly that has the plugin 
> pre-installed for uses to download as a turn-key solution.  Would they 
> register under the "Ready for", "Powered by" or both?
> Perhaps we could integrate both of these concepts into one idea by 
> simply calling out a page to list entities that provide some level of 
> integration with Geronimo (i.e. Geronimo Partners?).  They could provide 
> a one line description of their offering and a link to a page they own 
> providing more detail on their level of integration (be it by providing 
> Plugins, embedding a G server, providing support, whatever...).   I'm 
> just thinking out load and not completely sold on this idea of combining 
> the lists myself ... just trying to eliminate some ambiguity (and 
> perhaps creating more :-) ).  Thoughts?

Hmmm - interesting compromise.  I was going for the idea of "Geronimo
Ready" as a way to help promote/evangelize Geronimo and projects that
support it, so maybe a generic "Supports Geronimo" or "Geronimo Partner"
logo and page with a quick summary on their offering would suffice for now.

> Joe

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