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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Create a "Ready for Geronimo" page under Community
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 16:43:51 GMT
Donald Woods wrote:
> To foster more projects to test and support Geronimo, I'd like to float 
> the idea of creating a new page under the Community navigation section 
> on our home page called -
>     "Ready for Geronimo"
> The content of this page would be -
>   - known applications/frameworks that run on Geronimo
>   - third-party provided plug-ins (like Liferay)
>   - Geronimo provided plug-ins (like Roller)
> Each app/plug-in listing would contain -
>   - description of the app/plug-in
>   - A link to the provider's website (for download and license info)
>   - A link to any docs (like manual config steps if needed)
>   - which Geronimo releases the app/plugin is known to work on
> The lists could be in table or outline format (doesn't matter to me).
> Here is an example -
> We'd also provide a "Ready for" graphic similar to the "Powered by 
> Geronimo" one for other people to include on their websites and link 
> back to this page, if desired.
> Thoughts?
> -Donald

I like the idea, although I'm a little concerned that the word "Ready" 
is a bit ambiguous and does not clearly indicate what one would find 
when they clicked on the link. Perhaps we could preface it with one more 
word to give a better clue such as "Software Ready for Geronimo", 
"Projects Ready for Geronimo", or something of that sort?

Another option would be to change the catch-phrase completely to 
something like "Leveraging Geronimo" or "Utilizing Geronimo".   "Powered 
by" and "_____ inside" have become fairly common  but "Ready for" isn't 
quite as well known.

Apart from that I'd recommend that we keep the content for each item 
fairly limited.  Perhaps permitting just a one line description and a 
link to a project controlled website providing more detail on their 
level of involvement with Geronimo.


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