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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: Inclusion of MySQL in roller-mysql-database plugin
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2008 04:17:42 GMT
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You are right. We have a new mechanism for triggering prohibited works. We need to get this
to the attention of the
legal-discuss folks so they cover that angle in addition to just the "ship" angle that they
have looked at so far.

Would specifying "<scope>provided</scope>" provided in the pom.xml for mysql be
enough to geronimo from downloading
mysql when the plugin is installed? I am not that worried about pulling in that jar into our
maven repo when we
create/build our distribution, as long as we don't ship it.


Kevan Miller wrote:
| On Feb 9, 2008, at 2:01 PM, Davanum Srinivas wrote:
|> Hash: SHA1
|> Kevan,
|> I followed the discussion. You said that "Yes. The automatic download
|> is the issue.". I don't think that is the case...I
|> believe the "clear guidance" kicks in when we *ship* a distribution
|> with some other license on that page. So i thought
|> we should get clarification on that point.
|> related question, Are we at this point picking/shipping either the
|> plugin or the mysql jars into our distribution?
| Hi Dims,
| The roller plugins are not included in Geronimo 2.1. We will want to
| release the roller plugin at some point. So, will need to clear up this
| point before then.
| Thanks for the clarification. So, is this your question?
| ****************
| Is it ok to release an Apache product which will automatically, without
| user prompting, download a prohibited work?
| The product in question is the Apache Geronimo roller-mysql-database
| plugin which has a dependency on a "prohibited work" (i.e. a MySQL jar
| which is GPL with a FLOSS exception). The building of the plugin would
| download a MySQL jar into a users maven repository. The MySQL jar would
| *not* be included in the Geronimo roller-mysql-database plugin binary.
| However, the subsequent installation of this plugin would cause the
| Geronimo server to automatically download and install the MySQL jar,
| without notifying the user.
| *****************
| IMO, the answer is no, you can't. Not by default and not without
| notifying the user. Am happy to get clarification, if you (or anyone
| else) think otherwise or aren't sure...
| I think the basic options are:
| 1. Don't make roller-mysql-database part of the standard build (and
| don't release a roller-mysql-database binary). The user can use a
| non-standard build option to create the plugin, as long as he/she is
| notified.
| 2. Make the roller-mysql-database part of the standard build, but remove
| the MySQL dependency. This binary can be built and released by our
| project. However, the MySQL jar must be installed -- either manually by
| the user or by some tool which properly notifies the user.
| --kevan
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