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From Peter Petersson <>
Subject Re: Inclusion of MySQL in roller-mysql-database plugin
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2008 20:52:42 GMT
Maybe one more clarification should be done the roller-mysql-database 
module is in no way needed for the geronimo roller plugin to work It is 
just one of hopefully more extra modules that will enhance the roller 
plugin, by default the roller tomcat and jetty modules setts up derby as 
db backend.
  Peter P 

Peter Petersson wrote:
> Hi all
> Thank you Kevan for bringing this to the table. Just to make sure 
> everybody is clear on what the roller-mysql-database plugin dose, or 
> more to the point dose not do. Jarek is exactly right when he says 
> that the plugin dosen't actually include or distribute the mysql 
> driver but it dose however automatically download the driver if it is 
> not already present in the geronimo repository.
> As this automatic non user interaction convenience of the plugin, that 
> dose not in a clear way tell the user what he/she is about to do 
> (licence way) is the issue I would like to know if we have a consensus 
> on using prerequsite in the plugin configuration (on the mysql driver 
> being loaded beforehand) to satisfactory handle the licensing issue ? 
> If I understand Kevan right a prerequisite on the driver would satisfy 
> things so my suggestion (although I am just slightly involved in the 
> roller plugin project and not in the PMC) would be to modify the 
> plugin accordingly and reinstate it in the roller plugin assembly (as 
> it is now it is disabled) what is your take on this?
> If we have consensus on this what would be a feasible text to put in 
> the prerequisite section ?
> Although using prerequisite to fix this is (or may be) a available and 
> viable option It would IMHO (although I don't know if it would satisfy 
> the ASF Licensing Policy(?)) be more feasible (in cases like this) to 
> somehow make the user aware of the licence statement and give him/here 
> the option, after reading the licence (or what ever is necessary to 
> satisfy the parties), to cancel the installation if he/she so chooses.
> regards
>  Peter P
> Jarek Gawor wrote:
>> Kevan,
>> Can you explain what is the exact problem in this case? As far as I
>> know, the roller plugin doesn't actaully include or distribute the
>> msql driver. The driver will be automatically downloaded at compile
>> time (becuase it is specified as maven dependency) and when the plugin
>> is installed (becuase it is specified as a plugin dependency). Is the
>> automatic download the problem? If so, maybe we can remove the msql
>> maven dependency and modify the plugin dependency to specify the
>> driver as a prerequisite?
>> Jarek
>> On Feb 6, 2008 9:40 AM, Kevan Miller <> wrote:
>>> All,
>>> I created a Jira to handle licensing issues involving the inclusion of
>>> MySQL in the roller-mysql-database plugin. See 
>>> I've insured that we will no longer build the roller-mysql-database
>>> plugin in our source code. However, there are multiple ways of
>>> handling this problem. Would like to hear opinions from the project.
>>> Ultimately, it's the PMC's responsibility to oversee the licensing of
>>> our distributions and to oversee the way we handle dependencies on
>>> artifacts that are covered by excluded licenses.
>>> The ASF Licensing Policy (currently it's a draft policy, but I think
>>> we should be following the guidelines documented there) are located
>>> here --
>>> Discussion of how to handle Prohibited Works is here -- 
>>> Would be good for the project (in particular PMC) members to be
>>> familiar with these issues. Would like to hear how we think we should
>>> address this issue. As long as I feel the PMC is providing appropriate
>>> oversight, I'm happy with what ever decision we reach.
>>> --kevan

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