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From Peter Petersson <>
Subject Re: Inclusion of MySQL in roller-mysql-database plugin
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2008 20:39:48 GMT
Kevan Miller wrote:
> On Feb 9, 2008, at 10:11 AM, Peter Petersson wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Thank you Kevan for bringing this to the table. Just to make sure 
>> everybody is clear on what the roller-mysql-database plugin dose, or 
>> more to the point dose not do. Jarek is exactly right when he says 
>> that the plugin dosen't actually include or distribute the mysql 
>> driver but it dose however automatically download the driver if it is 
>> not already present in the geronimo repository.
>> As this automatic non user interaction convenience of the plugin, 
>> that dose not in a clear way tell the user what he/she is about to do 
>> (licence way) is the issue I would like to know if we have a 
>> consensus on using prerequsite in the plugin configuration (on the 
>> mysql driver being loaded beforehand) to satisfactory handle the 
>> licensing issue ?
>> If I understand Kevan right a prerequisite on the driver would 
>> satisfy things so my suggestion (although I am just slightly involved 
>> in the roller plugin project and not in the PMC) would be to modify 
>> the plugin accordingly and reinstate it in the roller plugin assembly 
>> (as it is now it is disabled) what is your take on this?
> Hi Peter,
> Thanks for your note. Your suggestion is certainly welcome. I did not 
> mean to imply (and hope that it wasn't taken this way) that only PMC 
> members should participate in this discussion. I only meant that the 
> PMC had responsibilities to insure we reached a satisfactory solution.
It was not, I just felt I somehow should state my level of involvement 
to make way for others to have there say and I had to put that 
parenthesis in somewhere ;)
>> If we have consensus on this what would be a feasible text to put in 
>> the prerequisite section ?
> I think some of the text that I put in the pom.xml could be reworded 
> slightly and would be ok...
oki doki As I really would like to see the roller-mysql-database module 
included in the assembly again and guesses that David and the rest of 
you have a loot of release work to focus on I will try to come up with 
something fore you to review.
BTW if some of you have access to some other roller supported database 
(db2, mssql/jtds, oracle, postgresql for testing and validation) feel 
free to step in and add a db access module the more the merrier ;)
>> Although using prerequisite to fix this is (or may be) a available 
>> and viable option It would IMHO (although I don't know if it would 
>> satisfy the ASF Licensing Policy(?)) be more feasible (in cases like 
>> this) to somehow make the user aware of the licence statement and 
>> give him/here the option, after reading the licence (or what ever is 
>> necessary to satisfy the parties), to cancel the installation if 
>> he/she so chooses.
> IMO, this would be satisfactory, also. Great even... As long as the 
> user is properly informed of the licensing implications of his or her 
> actions.
Well maybe I am stretching things here a bit but in that case it is a 
pity that a reed dotted bordered licence notice message one some calm 
background in big friendly letters dose not look good on a console 
install ;) else maybe that would have been a sufficient thing to do for 
the module, maybe gshell someday could do the trick of rendering a 
css/html boxed licence notice or the like of it ;) (almost not kidding 

Having read and I am not sure much 
more would be needed but I am not a company lawyer and I can certainly 
have got things wrong.

  Peter P
> --kevan

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