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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: Inclusion of MySQL in roller-mysql-database plugin
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2008 16:35:47 GMT
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Time to take this thread to legal-discuss AT Someone please write up a detailed
note and post it there please.

- -- dims

Peter Petersson wrote:
| Hi all
| Thank you Kevan for bringing this to the table. Just to make sure
| everybody is clear on what the roller-mysql-database plugin dose, or
| more to the point dose not do. Jarek is exactly right when he says that
| the plugin dosen't actually include or distribute the mysql driver but
| it dose however automatically download the driver if it is not already
| present in the geronimo repository.
| As this automatic non user interaction convenience of the plugin, that
| dose not in a clear way tell the user what he/she is about to do
| (licence way) is the issue I would like to know if we have a consensus
| on using prerequsite in the plugin configuration (on the mysql driver
| being loaded beforehand) to satisfactory handle the licensing issue ?
| If I understand Kevan right a prerequisite on the driver would satisfy
| things so my suggestion (although I am just slightly involved in the
| roller plugin project and not in the PMC) would be to modify the plugin
| accordingly and reinstate it in the roller plugin assembly (as it is now
| it is disabled) what is your take on this?
| If we have consensus on this what would be a feasible text to put in the
| prerequisite section ?
| Although using prerequisite to fix this is (or may be) a available and
| viable option It would IMHO (although I don't know if it would satisfy
| the ASF Licensing Policy(?)) be more feasible (in cases like this) to
| somehow make the user aware of the licence statement and give him/here
| the option, after reading the licence (or what ever is necessary to
| satisfy the parties), to cancel the installation if he/she so chooses.
| regards
|  Peter P
| Jarek Gawor wrote:
|> Kevan,
|> Can you explain what is the exact problem in this case? As far as I
|> know, the roller plugin doesn't actaully include or distribute the
|> msql driver. The driver will be automatically downloaded at compile
|> time (becuase it is specified as maven dependency) and when the plugin
|> is installed (becuase it is specified as a plugin dependency). Is the
|> automatic download the problem? If so, maybe we can remove the msql
|> maven dependency and modify the plugin dependency to specify the
|> driver as a prerequisite?
|> Jarek
|> On Feb 6, 2008 9:40 AM, Kevan Miller <> wrote:
|>> All,
|>> I created a Jira to handle licensing issues involving the inclusion of
|>> MySQL in the roller-mysql-database plugin. See
|>> I've insured that we will no longer build the roller-mysql-database
|>> plugin in our source code. However, there are multiple ways of
|>> handling this problem. Would like to hear opinions from the project.
|>> Ultimately, it's the PMC's responsibility to oversee the licensing of
|>> our distributions and to oversee the way we handle dependencies on
|>> artifacts that are covered by excluded licenses.
|>> The ASF Licensing Policy (currently it's a draft policy, but I think
|>> we should be following the guidelines documented there) are located
|>> here --
|>> Discussion of how to handle Prohibited Works is here --
|>> Would be good for the project (in particular PMC) members to be
|>> familiar with these issues. Would like to hear how we think we should
|>> address this issue. As long as I feel the PMC is providing appropriate
|>> oversight, I'm happy with what ever decision we reach.
|>> --kevan
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