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From Donald Woods <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Create a "Ready for Geronimo" page under Community
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2008 16:56:27 GMT
To foster more projects to test and support Geronimo, I'd like to float 
the idea of creating a new page under the Community navigation section 
on our home page called -
	"Ready for Geronimo"

The content of this page would be -
   - known applications/frameworks that run on Geronimo
   - third-party provided plug-ins (like Liferay)
   - Geronimo provided plug-ins (like Roller)

Each app/plug-in listing would contain -
   - description of the app/plug-in
   - A link to the provider's website (for download and license info)
   - A link to any docs (like manual config steps if needed)
   - which Geronimo releases the app/plugin is known to work on

The lists could be in table or outline format (doesn't matter to me).
Here is an example -

We'd also provide a "Ready for" graphic similar to the "Powered by 
Geronimo" one for other people to include on their websites and link 
back to this page, if desired.



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