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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: long-term buildability of released versions?
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 20:17:51 GMT
I just built the latest 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT code (r619588) online and then 
again offline successfully via -
    mvn install -Dtest=false -o
If you still have problems, please keep this thread alive....


toby cabot wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I'm trying to gather the set of code and dependencies to build
> Geronimo 2.0.2.  I'd like to end up with all of the bits that I need
> to build 2.0.2 without accessing the internet next week, next month,
> etc, and end up with the same image.
> Donald and Iain on the user list helped me with the config-magic to
> convince Maven to stay local, so now I've got a maven repo with *only*
> the deps that 2.0.2 needs to build.  If I do an online build
> everything works great, Maven copies the deps from that tree to my
> user repo and the build succeeds.
> Here's the problem: if I try to do an offline build the next day I get
> an error about a missing jar and the build fails.
>> Missing:
>> ----------
>> 1)
> ...
>>   Path to dependency: 
>>         1) org.apache.geronimo.modules:geronimo-webservices:jar:2.0.2
>>         2)
>>         3)
> Evidently the SNAPSHOT keyword tells Maven "refuse to build until
> you've checked whether there's a newer version online".
> What's the Geronimo project's goal vis-a-vis repeatably building
> Geronimo releases in the future?  As it stands, the 2.0.2 I build
> today won't necessarily be the same as the one I build tomorrow since
> Maven will aggressively bring new versions of jaxr-api (and maybe
> others) into my build environment unless I crowbar Maven to think it's
> online when it really isn't.
> If bit-for-bit repeatability is a non-goal that's cool, I'll hack on
> my internal repo metadata until Maven thinks that it's locked in
> place.  If it is I'll try to figure out how to "lock down" the
> dependencies so they don't change.
> Thanks,
> Toby

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