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From "Manu George" <>
Subject Re: Regarding SSO across admin console
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2008 21:02:32 GMT
Thanks Joe Kevan for the hints. I figured it out. I was using the
ContextForwardServlet and the ForwardDispatchFilter for DWR. But I was
still referring to my context in the JSP to access the DWR scripts
instead of console :(. This was causing the repeated authentication
requests.  Another problem I faced was with the TreeV3 from dojo. The
alignment for this is broken in IE7 and so in all the portlets in
console using it. There is also an incompatibility between DWR and
Dojo 0.9 tree Data Stores. So my only choice was to use
dojo.widget.Tree. I will update the wiki article with this information
and maybe modify the sample to use DWR.


On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 10:49 PM, Joe Bohn <> wrote:
> Manu George wrote:
>  > Hi,
>  >        I added a new portlet to the admin console via the new
>  > pluggable mechanism. However when I click on the link to that portlet
>  > I am always asked to authenticate even though I have authenticated on
>  > the login page of the admin console. How can I configure my portlet to
>  > also be part of the single sign on across the admin console.
>  >
>  > Regards
>  > Manu
>  >
>  Hi Manu,
>  I don't know the answer but here are some things you can investigate:
>  1)  I know that we had issues with this and the pluggable console
>  earlier with Jetty.  I thought those issues were resolved but if you are
>  using Jetty you might want to give Tomcat a try.
>  2)  The problem you describe typically happens with the portlet session
>  gets corrupted/reset or when the JSessionID cookie gets
>  corrupted/deleted.  You might want to check if you are doing anything
>  special that might affect the session.
>  Finally, the doc that Kevan referenced includes a sample.  You might
>  want to try that sample first and then begin adding in your specifics
>  until the problem surfaces.
>  Joe Bohn

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