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From YunFeng Ma <>
Subject Re: Geronimo in year 2008
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 08:54:27 GMT
I'm interested in "2) Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in (GEP): 
  a) Model 
framework for Geronimo deployment plans" and I'd like
to contribute to 
this. Shiva, let's work together for this. :-)


Shiva Kumar H R wrote:
> I can immediately remember 3 prior discussions in
reference to this:
>     i) "[DISCUSS/FEEDBACK] Usability improvements to
Geronimo" mail 
> from Prasad in Nov'07 
>     ii) "[Discuss] What next?" mail from DJencks in
>     iii) "[DISCUSS] Geronimo 2.1 - what's next?"
mail from Matt in 
> Jul'07
> Alright, here is my wish list - features that I
would love to see 
> getting into Geronimo in 2008:
> 1) Deployment Environment:
>     a) Plan Creator wizards (in Admin Console & in
Geronimo Eclipse 
> Plugin) for geronimo-application.xml and *many*
other Geronimo 
> deployment plans.
>     b) Geronimo specific annotations: To further
simplify the 
> specification of Geronimo deployment information,
right at development 
> time.
> 2) Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in (GEP):
>     a) Model framework for Geronimo deployment
> Currently it is EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework).
With every update to 
> Geronimo deployment schema, it's a major pain to
generate new EMF 
> classes. If however, GEP uses the same model
framework as that of 
> Geronimo server (XMLBeans), then at least this
problem would be 
> solved. IIUC JSR-88 DConfigBeans would be the ideal
model framework 
> for GEP - in that case even if the model framework
of server changes 
> in future, GEP would be unaffected.
>     b) Critical bug fixes
>     c) Make "Download and Install" option more
>     d) Customize Web Services Wizard:
> The default implementation of WTP's web services
wizard embeds an Axis 
> engine inside a web-app and then deploys it in a web
server such as 
> Tomcat. However this isn't the right approach for
Geronimo as it 
> already has a global web services engine deployed.
Hence web services 
> wizard's behavior must be customized when deploying
onto Geronimo.
>     e) Better Remote server support
>     f) Testsuite Automation
>     g) Integrating JavaEE Samples.
> 3) Admin Console Tools:
>     a) Server Build Tool: For instance, a "button"
to push that spits 
> out a server with just what is needed for a set of
apps and nothing 
> else.
>     b) Cluster Admin Tools: Geronimo has a lot of
partial clustering 
> solutions. For instance there's WADI, native tomcat
clustering, a 
> terracotta integration, and many others. A cluster
admin tool would be 
> of great help in the setting-up and fine-tuning of
those clustering 
> solutions.
> I am stuck in 1) a) Plan Creator work for the past
year or so and it 
> is still not complete! So if I alone work on many of
those features, 
> God alone knows when I will complete them. Any
> On Feb 7, 2008 8:28 PM, Vamsavardhana Reddy
> <>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     Geronimo had a great year 2007.  I don't need to
re-list all our
>     achievements listed in Matt's mail from 31st Dec

>     Now that 2.1 is also rolling out, I think it is
time we start
>     discussing what we want to do in Geronimo in
year 2008.  Let us
>     also discuss what we "must" do to make Geronimo
an application
>     server of choice.  I would like all of us to use
this mail thread
>     to put forth our thoughts (and any action items
some of us may
>     have already come up with silently) so that the
community can see
>     what great heights Geronimo will scale in 2008.
>     Thank you.
>     ++Vamsi
> -- 
> Thanks,
> Shiva 

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