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From Dan Becker <>
Subject Re: exception handling / first failure diagnostic capture
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 20:18:52 GMT

B.J. Reed wrote:
>  >I would be interested in working on the 
> exception handling / first failure diagnostics, but I need some help to 
> get started.
> I guess I envision the following:
> 1) grouping of all message strings into a common place (or perhaps a 
> specific place within each plugin/module), probably using resource 
> bundles or something similar to make it easier to change languages and 
> giving each message its own unique id.
> 2) What kind of diagnostic information are we looking for?
> 3) create a new class GeronimoException at the point of failure and 
> throw these around (if we need to rethrow).  This class would have the 
> extra diagnostic info in it and would get the proper message string.

Hello BJ,

Excellent ideas that would make Geronimo more servicable and accessible to
many users.

1a) It seems best that each plugin would have its own message properties
file or bindle which would contain messages related to that plugin. Each
property file could be appended with language and country locale to make the
messages translatable. This is all standard Java internationalization.

1b) Each message having a unique prefix  would help support teams identify
problems and allow Geronimo to provide web pages with problem resolution
hints. I am strong believer in giving customer self helps to take load off
the support teams.

2) Diagnostic information. It seems to me at a minimum you need the
exception and its message, the source of the exception (package and class)
and a stack trace, and perhaps a toString listing of the object that throws
the exception. You also might want to give a unique ID to each dump so that
if there is an exception that happens repeatedly,  maybe you can summarize
how often it happens. This is something many other app servers provide.

3) New GeronimoException would be one way of gathering failure info (make
sure you record the cause so getCause is useful). Another way would have a
special JSR-47 log and a some APIs to trigger the recording of this info.

Please reply with further ideas. I can help with the implementation if you

Thanks, Dan Becker
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