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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Geronimo v2.1 documentation
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 00:31:22 GMT
Would it be possible to link to the in-progress 2.1 documentation  
from what I think is the main docs page 

I'm also wondering whether there is some way to make the existence of

more obvious from

which seems to be what I always find when I look for the 2.1 docs.

Are there plans to copy the parts of the 1.x and 2.0.x docs that are  
still relevant to the 2.1 docs?  I think this did not happen  
completely for the 1.1 >> 2.0 release.

david jencks

On Jan 25, 2008, at 8:22 AM, Hernan Cunico wrote:

> Guys, I've been trying to get your attention around Geronimo 2.1  
> documentation since October last year.
> Apache Geronimo is as good as you can communicate it to the users.  
> How do you expect the users to know all the beeps and whistles? Not  
> a best way to tell the users HOW TO do things in Geronimo than by  
> having a good documentation.
> How much of your time it would actually take to write up a page  
> describing a component or module and how to use it? It's you  
> writing the code, why not you writing about that code and how to  
> use it!?
> There are tons of questions on the user@ and dev@ lists about how  
> to perform basic (and some times not so basic) tasks and  
> configurations, we get these all the time. This is a clear sign  
> that we need to improve the way we document the things.
> For 2.1 the situation is even worse, we pretty much don't have any  
> documentation and we can't continue developing documentation the  
> way we've been doing in the past. The way it looks now, Geronimo  
> 2.1 won't have supporting documentation.
> Let's discuss here what areas need to be covered and who can work  
> on documenting them. It is your turn now.
> Cheers!
> Hernan
> Kevan Miller wrote:
>> On Jan 10, 2008, at 5:14 PM, Hernan Cunico wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> some time ago I started to put together some topics for Geronimo  
>>> v2.1 documentation.
>>> I tried to focus on the biggest new things we are offering now,  
>>> topics we didn't have before and now we need to start from scratch.
>>> The Geronimo v2.1 documentation space is already available here  
>>> The initial TOC includes:
>>> * Configuration changes
>>> * Deployment
>>> ** Deployment plan creator
>>> * Geronimo Administration Console enhancements
>>> * GShell
>>> * Monitoring
>>> * Pluggable console
>>> * Plugin infrastructure enhancements
>>> * Sample applications
>>> * Security
>>> * Tooling
>>> * What's new?
>>> Each of these pages already contain a few lines with some initial  
>>> thoughts. Need your input for adding topics to this list as well  
>>> as developing them.
>>> There might be things we already had in 2.0x but we didn't cover  
>>> it in the doc, pls need your comments on that as well.
>>> I think I'm finish covering *Deployment plan creator*, will do a  
>>> refresh later on as new code gets in.
>>> I also created this "place holder" 
>>> GMOxPMGT/geronimo-v21-list-of-functions-status.html under *Apache  
>>> Geronimo Project Management* on the wiki so we can keep track  
>>> there the features we have ready for prime time and those that  
>>> are not so ready ;-)  I could definitively use that info to build  
>>> up a new set of docs, would also help users to see where we are at.
>> Hernan,
>> Thanks for this. Time to start pulling these docs together to  
>> prepare for release. It can't all be generated by Hernan. We'll  
>> need to chip in...
>> --kevan

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