On Jan 3, 2008 10:02 PM, Hernan Cunico <hcunico@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Shiva,
here are some thoughts I believe may help improve usability.

- Add a *Back* button on each screen. Currently the only option is *Cancel* if you made a mistake while entering the data.
Currently browser's back button can be used for going back to the previous screen. If it is not intuitive, let me know and I will add a Back or Previous button. OR wait, the plan creator for EARs that I am currently working on is Dojo 1.0 based, where instead of a sequence of pages I am using Dojo tabs, and hence navigation becomes lot more easier than Next/Previous buttons. If it comes up well I can implement the same for web-apps as well. Let me come up with something that you can also see and we will discuss this further.

- It would be cool to have the ability to create an additional resource reference directly from the wizard. For example when installing a DB app it would be nice to be able to create the JDBC connection pool as well as specifying the resource ref name right there. Currently it lists existing pools, maybe add a *New* button, create the pool and then come back to the previous screen. Same thing would be useful for JMS, java mail, etc.
Sure. That's my intention as well. I am yet to figure out how to achieve this.

I'll keep testing it and will provide more feedback. BTW, nice work!!!
Thanks :) for looking at it.


Shiva Kumar H R wrote:
> The Plan Creator portlet/wizard in Admin Console is now complete.
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/GERONIMO-3254
> Features:
> a) EJB, EJB Local, JDBC Connection Pool, JMS Connection Factory, JMS
> Destination, JavaMail Session & Web Service *References *declared in the
> web-apps are auto discovered and users are asked to resolve them by
> listing Available Resources in the server environment to which they can
> be linked.
> b) Above type of references declared inside the Java classes through
> *Annotations *are also auto discovered.
> c) Simplified configuration of *Security*.
> I have only done limited testing so please raise any issues you might
> face while using.
> I am next working on handling EJB jars. Since most of the infrastructure
> code is already in place, this should be complete in the next 1 or 2
> weeks (ready to be included in 2.1 release).
> Comments/Feedback/Suggestions Welcome.
> --
> Thanks,
> Shiva