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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject [AsyncHttpClient] On bringing the code bases and communities together
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2008 22:40:37 GMT

Please excuse the cross post but it's quite necessary. Furthermore people
should not feel like they cannot cross post responses so please feel free.

It looks like the two versions of the http client based on MINA are starting
to diverge.  I've noticed the other day that some of the fixes for bugs
already solved by one group are being re-implement all over again over again
by another.  It's a shame to have that happen so perhaps we can take some
concrete steps to prevent this divergence from progressing.

As a first step I've cleaned up and restructured the Asyncweb code base and
posted this email here on the new directory structure in Subversion:


*So I'm sending out this cross post in the hopes of bringing the two groups
together as one unified community which apparently has the same goal in
mind: a fast low-resource consuming asynchronous http client.  What ever it
takes, I'm sure the MINA PMC is more than willing to accommodate.  If you
have trusted committers already working on this in the Geronimo community
there is no reason why we cannot trust them to continue working on it here
at MINA's Asyncweb project.  Let's open up discussions on this.

Specifically I ask the Geronimo committers working on AHC to let us know
what we can do to take concrete next steps.


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