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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: [AsyncHttpClient] On bringing the code bases and communities together
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2008 06:08:58 GMT

On Jan 29, 2008, at 7:28 PM, Mike Heath wrote:

> Alex Karasulu wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Please excuse the cross post but it's quite necessary. Furthermore  
>> people
>> should not feel like they cannot cross post responses so please  
>> feel free.
>> It looks like the two versions of the http client based on MINA are  
>> starting
>> to diverge.  I've noticed the other day that some of the fixes for  
>> bugs
>> already solved by one group are being re-implement all over again  
>> over again
>> by another.  It's a shame to have that happen so perhaps we can  
>> take some
>> concrete steps to prevent this divergence from progressing.
>> As a first step I've cleaned up and restructured the Asyncweb code  
>> base and
>> posted this email here on the new directory structure in Subversion:
>>  *
>> *So I'm sending out this cross post in the hopes of bringing the  
>> two groups
>> together as one unified community which apparently has the same  
>> goal in
>> mind: a fast low-resource consuming asynchronous http client.  What  
>> ever it
>> takes, I'm sure the MINA PMC is more than willing to accommodate.   
>> If you
>> have trusted committers already working on this in the Geronimo  
>> community
>> there is no reason why we cannot trust them to continue working on  
>> it here
>> at MINA's Asyncweb project.  Let's open up discussions on this.
> I totally agree with Alex on this.  It looks there are fixes in the G
> branch that haven't made it to the MINA branch.  How can bridge the  
> gap
> in communication as well as the gap in bug fixing?
> My opinion is that we need to stop all work on the G sandbox branch  
> and
> move all work over to MINA.  Is there anything impeding  
> that? ...besides
> a lot of work merging the changes...

Thanks Alex and Mike.

So, as we discussed the last time, the community members that have  
been active in this area are Jeff Genender, Sangjin Lee, and Rick  
McGuire. You already know Jeff. Have you reached out to Sangjin and  
Rick? I'd urge them both to become involved in the Mina community, as  
their time and interest permit.

Personally, I'm certainly in favor of seeing a united effort in  
creating an async http client. Mina would seem to be a natural home  
for this support (since Mina 2.x is moving up the stack and  
implementing protocols). I think our community would be quite happy to  
receive this capability by consumng Mina technology. Given the current  
state of our two projects, I think it's somewhat doubtful that the  
Geronimo project will end up releasing the AsyncHTTPClient code in our  

I can understand, however, if Rick and Sangjin see value in the  
current codebase -- being based on a released version of Mina (1.1.2)   
and perhaps at a different point in terms of stability and function. I  
suspect that this might be part of the reason why they haven't become  
involved in the 2.x development work occurring at Mina.

So, one possible solution that occurs to me is to transfer the current  
1.1.x code in Geronimo sandbox to the Mina project. This might allow  
Rick and Sangjin to complete their work on the current codebase and  
also ease their transition towards merging code and fixes into the  
Mina 2.x codebase. Alternatively, we can leave the code in Geronimo  
sandbox while Sangjin and Rick transition their focus to the Mina 2.x  

Will leave it to the Mina project, Rick, and Sangjin to say what makes  
the most sense.


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