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From David Jencks <>
Subject Proposed plugin and clustering code/module rearrangement
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2008 22:10:21 GMT
There are a couple code rearrangements I'd like to see before 2.1  
goes out.  I think they are somewhat related.

1. The plugin management code has been getting larger and more  
complicated and I think it should be in separate jar/car and the  
console support in separate cars.  I have the non-console bit of this  
working locally.  I have some of the jsr88 stuff wrapped up with the  
plugin stuff, and I believe the result is that you can construct a  
server with no ability to add or remove plugins or add or remove  
applications.  To me this seems like a very useful feature.

2. I think the "farm management" features of the clustering module  
should be separated from the clustering code and be available  
optionally independent of  whether clustering is enabled.  IMO the  
farm management features really only need the plugin management  
capabilities (I realize the farm management is not currently based on  
plugins, but think we need to consider whether it should be).

3. Jetty and tomcat now have some reliance on some base clustering  
classes which are only available in the clustering config.  I  think  
the base classes should be provided in e.g. j2ee-server and things  
arranged so that if you don't have the clustering config you don't  
get clustering, and if you do have it you do get clustering.  It  
might be that all the actual clustering gbeans could go into wadi- 
clustering, I haven't looked into this.


david jencks

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