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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: 2.1 Release -- Banging the drum
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2008 21:17:06 GMT
I guess that Kevan needs to chime in on that ... but I think Friday is 
still reasonable to branch and start the release work if we can get the 
critical issues resolved by then.

I've been running TCK continuously and fixing and/or pointing things out 
when I notice problems.  We're generally at 100% with problems creeping 
up every few days and getting resolved.


Jason Dillon wrote:
> So, what is the new timeframe to TCK and release this puppy?
> --jason
> On Jan 29, 2008, at 2:15 PM, Joe Bohn wrote:
>> Kevan Miller wrote:
>>> All,
>>> This note is a bit overdue (it's been a distracting start to the New 
>>> Year for me). Time, IMO, for us to get focused on our 2.1 release.
>>> As David Jencks has pointed out. We need to start cleaning out the 
>>> 2.1 Jiras. It looks like I've got several open that have been fixed, 
>>> either by additional development activities or redundant jira's. 
>>> First step is to take a look at Jira's that you've created and make 
>>> sure they are still valid and if you think it's important that they 
>>> be fixed for 2.1.
>>> We also need to be taking a close look at our current functionality. 
>>> Make sure things are working the way we want them to... Especially 
>>> need to cast a critical eye on our the usability aspects of the new 
>>> 2.1. Along the way, will be great if we can start pulling docs together.
>>> I started running tests last night. Right away, I'm noticing little 
>>> things like warning messages being sent to STDOUT, etc. I'll start 
>>> registering problem areas that I'm seeing.
>>> I'd like to set a target of 2 weeks for reviewing and fixing 
>>> problems. After that would start the branching, final tck, and 
>>> packaging work. If we feel this might negatively impact post-2.1 
>>> development activities. We can consider creating a 2.1 branch sooner...
>>> Thoughts?
>>> --kevan
>> I've recently upgraded our image to utilize the newly released xbean 
>> 3.3, myfaces 1.2.2, geronimo-transaction 2.1, and geronimo-connector 
>> 2.1.  Earlier I had updated the Tomcat build image and created a 
>> private build for Pluto.
>> I think the only snapshots left in our image are some of the specs 
>> (JACC & JASPI ... and it looks like Guillaume is working those along 
>> with upgrading others) and OpenEjb.
>> Joe

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