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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: Clustering inadvertently invoked from Eclipse plugin
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2008 02:32:12 GMT
Hi Gianny, yes that does help. Thanks very much !!

Gianny Damour wrote:
> Hello Tim,
> I am pretty sure the Eclipse plugin is deploying to all the Targets 
> returned by DeploymentManager.getTargets(). It should instead deploy to 
> the first returned Targets. By convention, this first Target is the 
> "default" Configuration store, which is explicitly configured by users.
> Also, there is no relationships between the existence or not of 
> <tomcat-clustering-wadi/> and the cluster/master repositories. When the 
> <tomcat-clustering-wadi/> element is present, this triggers a build of a 
> clustered Web-application, i.e. with the necessary clustering 
> components. When you deploy to the Target corresponding to the master 
> repository, then you build the application the usual way (versus with 
> the necessary clustering components) but you cascade the resulting 
> configuration to all the declared nodes.
> I hope it helps.
> Thanks,
> Gianny
> On 15/01/2008, at 12:27 PM, Tim McConnell wrote:
>> Hi, when I deploy a web project from the Geronimo Eclipse plugin via 
>> JMX it appears that the clustering code is getting invoked even though 
>> I do not explicitly include the <tomcat-clustering-wadi /> tag in my 
>> Geronimo deployment plan (which is what I thought was required for 
>> clustering). As a result, the web project gets deployed into the 
>> cluster-repository (with the G_SLAVE suffix), the master-repository 
>> (also with the G_SLAVE suffix), and the repository subdirectories, 
>> resulting in the DeploymentException below. The same project deploys 
>> fine from the command line (with nothing getting deployed into the 
>> cluster/master repositories). Does anyone have any idea why this might 
>> be happening and if there is something I can do to prevent this 
>> behavior. Or do I need to disable the clustering mechanism somehow ?? 
>> Thanks for any assistance....
>> Deployer operation failed: Module default/test3/1.0/car already exists 
>> in the server.  Try to undeploy it first or use the redeploy command.
>> org.apache.geronimo.common.DeploymentException: Module 
>> default/test3/1.0/car already exists in the server.  Try to undeploy 
>> it first or use the redeploy command.
>> -- 
>> Thanks,
>> Tim McConnell

Tim McConnell

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