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From "Vamsavardhana Reddy" <>
Subject Offline Deployer leaving behind temporary files
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 10:23:35 GMT
I see the following in

            // todo jar url handling with Sun's VM on Windows leaves a lock
on the module file *preventing rebuilds*
            // to address this we use a gross hack and copy the file to a
temporary directory
            // the lock on the file will prevent that being deleted properly
until the URLJarFile has
            // been GC'ed.
            boolean cleanup = true;
            try {
                tmpDir = File.createTempFile("geronimo-deployer",
                tmpFile = new File(tmpDir, moduleFile.getName());
                DeploymentUtil.copyFile(moduleFile, tmpFile);
                moduleFile = tmpFile;

Can someone explain the "preventing rebuilds" part in the above?  It is
followed by code that creates a temporary copy of the module archive that
should be cleaned up by DeployerReaper which does not delete these files in
case of offline deployment.  In online deployment also, the files may be
left behind if the DeployerReaper does not get a chance to run after the
files are added to pendingDeletionIndex.  Incase of offline deployment
DeployerReaper does not get a chance at all as the java process terminates
immediately.  I have tried deleteOnExit() as well with offline deployment,
but the files won't just go away.  I am wondering if the reason this is
introduced in the first place is applicable to 2.x.  If not, we can get rid
of this code.


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