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It looks like the size of our images is increasing dramatically (nearly 2x).

For example, the geronimo-jetty6-minimal snapshots have been growing
like this (these image sizes are from the snapshot repo):

16604006 Jul 26 18:54
17086729 Jul 26 18:53 geronimo-jetty6-minimal-2.1-20070726.182538-1-bin.zip

22310769 Nov  1 03:19
22744083 Nov  1 03:18 geronimo-jetty6-minimal-2.1-20071101.014839-2-bin.zip

30812531 Nov 30 22:45
31248864 Nov 30 22:43 geronimo-jetty6-minimal-2.1-20071130.211933-3-bin.zip

Most of the recent jump (fyi my 27 Nov build is only 22 megs) is caused by boilerplate assembly in our repository (repository/org/apache/geronimo/assemblies/geronimo-boilerplate-minimal/2.1-SNAPSHOT/geronimo- boilerplate-minimal-2.1-SNAPSHOT.jar). I would assume it's caused by david j's http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=598819&view=rev We should be able to get rid of that...

I don't think this is practical if we want to be able to extract servers.  We need something that's the layout for the base server with all the crud that isn't in the repo.  The boilerplate config is that crud all nicely packed up in a reusable form.  I'm certainly open to suggestions but I have no idea how to do anything else for 2.1.  To the extent we can get the lib (and gshell) jars into the g. repo we will avoid duplicating these jars and shrink the boilerplate plugin.

Does it have to be included in the assemblies by default? Why not install  the plugin, if you want to generate servers?

At the moment its treated like any other plugin and the base server structure is installed by copying stuff out of it.  I'd rather not introduce a special case for this stuff but I'll think about whether there's a reasonable way to do it.  I kind of like the idea of encouraging shrinking the non-repo stuff by duplicating it :-)

david jencks

david jencks

A bit harder to apples-to-apples compare the longer term growth. lib/gshell accounts for a 5 meg growth (unpacked). So, that would help account for most of the growth in the minimal assembly...

I wonder if we should consider allowing gshell to be optional...